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Using the spoken word podcasts add animation to communication and can provide opportunities for listeners to interact with the audience. PODCAST CHECK LIST It is essential for a targeted podcast campaign to accomplish two things: Staying focused on the target audience’s interests. Sounds simple enough, but it does require some discipline and planning.
 Serve the marketing or communication objectives of the program by including outcome directed content.


Some Samples
This is the era of the "buy in." Consumers have many more choices for entertainment and information. They get their way. If they're provided with what they want, when they want it, the sponsoring advertiser or organization can earn and retain their trust. Podcasting formats and technology can create a “two-way” character – making room for feedback and even the voices and images of the subscribing community. Here are the essential elements of a successful podcast venture: Clear goals Appropriate concept and format Facility for subscriber feedback Appropriate hosts, feature elements Distribution – Systematic access for subscribers, promotion for wider market​.