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ONLY FOR DOG LOVERS An audio book that expresses the range of emotions humans experience when they think about their dogs.
MUSIC HATH CHARMS Each performance is musically scored with sensitivity and flair. Roscoe Norhdoff, Music Director WHO SAID THIS ABOUT DOGS? - Quotes from some “big name” dog lovers. THAT LITTLE DOG by James Whitcomb Riley - A rambunctious pup meets a feisty old man. THE BLOODHOUND by W. Summerville - An animated depiction of the hound as expressed in the 1600’s. COPPER - In pursuit of a Beagle. A real-life story about a dog that likes to roam close to home. THE ODYSSEY by Joyce - Ulysses returns poor and unknown to all but his faithful dog who “alone his master knew." CORKY AT THE MOVIES - The real life Hollywood success story of dog who worked his way onto the Silver Screen. RABBIT RESCUE - A story of a dog who rescues the neighbor’s rabbit, whether it needs it or not. THY SERVANT by Rudyard Kipling - In recognition of a dog’s durable and abiding love. MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM by William Shakespeare - The Bard didn’t ignore Man’s Best Friend. THE PRELUDE by William Wordsworth - A caring, thoughtful nod to a poet’s companion, “an attendant and a friend. AMBIGUOUS DOG by Arthur Guiterman - When you’re up a tree, you give the angry dog the benefit of the doubt. GREYFRIAR’S BOBBY - This classic tale of the loyal dog of Glasgow is told from the heart by a native son. DOG PARTY - A colorful rhyme that answers the question, “Why do dogs have to sniff each other . . . there?” DOGS - It takes all kinds. Celebrating the variety of the dog world - vive la différence! What's Inside . . . Pawprints on Our Hearts has its moments of high brow, but this production certainly scratches and whines, and has a few fleas too.

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