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PODCASTING GOES MAINSTREAM The pods have arrived. Podcasting was born of the collision between social media and the iPod. Or, as Wired described it in a March 2005 article, “the bastard offspring of the blog and the Apple MP3 player.” PODCASTING FOR RESULTS


Trade and professional associations are offering their members and the public a new way of learning about important issues. Podcasting is a key piece in generating an effective grassroots movement, and getting news and information into the ears of members and interested partners, the public and clients. This is an exciting new way to allow members to take information on-the-go. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE This organization is was an early adopter, turning to podcasting to extend their reach. Neuroscientist John Ohab was looking for a career jolt—a “fish-out-of-water” experience, as he puts it—when he went to work in the Pentagon as an AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow. NATIONAL RESEARCH CENTER FOR CAREER AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION It’s competitive out there. This association is using podcasting to deliver new awareness and foster skills. For example, in this podcast Morgan Lewis, primary author of ““What Will Be the Impact of Programs of Study? A Preliminary Assessment. The report also summarizes how states propose to implement Programs of Study, based on a review of 53 state plans. AMERICAN DENTAL ASSOCIATION The ADA has a pilot initiative to develop podcasts on a variety of dental topics. They’re interested in member’s opinions. As you can see from a sampling of their topics, they’re interested in the well being of their member’s as much as their patients.